Backend Engineer - Join us and help build revolutionary cancer therapies at Anocca AB

Posted on: 09/14/2021

Location: Stockholm (ON-SITE)

full time

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Tags: django typescript python postgresql graphql kubernetes react docker

Anocca is a rapidly growing mid-sized biotech company with digitalisation at its core. The expanding information and automation team is looking for new talent with a broad skill set capable of quickly adapting to new challenges. Applicants will be exposed to the forefront of biological and medical research, automation, and bioinformatics. Currently, the digital platform consists of an extensive API built in Django and GraphQL with a React front-end. Anocca is looking for someone passionate about developing performant backend applications capable of handling large amounts of live biological and lab-related data. Examples of such already developed components include Inventory management systems, data procesisng pipelines for DNA sequencing and mass spectrometry, DNA and amino acid sequence editors, data tables, calendars, graphs, and digital representation of labware. Working at Anocca, you will focus on developing new modules within the context of Django and a GraphQL API, to support our physical workflows, data processing pipelines and IO with instruments. The developer experience is fluid, with low build times and a focus on fast feedback and test-driven development. We want to promote creativity, learning, and exploration of technologies and methodologies that can accelerate the development, and we encourage workshops and pair programming. The team is still small, and there are many opportunities to impact the end product of Anocca. There are also opportunities to be involved in biological research and software development across the tech stack. Please submit a CV and cover letter in English. Ideally, the applicant should be located near Stockholm, Sweden, although applicants in the EU will be considered. The position is in-house / onsite **What you will do:** * Design, develop, and maintain a scalable backend in Django and PostgreSQL. * Expose a modern API in GraphQL for consumption by internally facing applications that support our laboratory personnel. * Build an application capable of handling large quantities of biological and research derived data. * Operating infrastructure, toolset, and deployment pipelines. * Interact with laboratory staff and other end users to gather input and feedback on the necessary functions, features, and applications required by each core team. **Who you are:** * You are passionate about delivering high quality software * You are fluent in Python and at least one other high level language. * You have knowledge and experience in designing relational database systems. * You have a great documentation ethic. * You keep up with best practices and apply that to your work. * You care about coding standards and writing readable and consistent code. * You are comfortable working in a Linux environment. * You work seamlessly with Git. * You have strong English communications skills. **Desirable but not necessary:** * Experience with the Django Framework and PostgreSQL * Experience with Typescript * Experience leveraging a Kubernetes cluster and Docker * Some biology background **Interview Process:** * Introductory interview (Video) * Coding test – 2 week time frame for building at home * Comprehensive interview (Video or on-site)