Python Developer at Trackingplan

Posted on: 05/10/2022

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Tags: serverless aws python react

All our backend is written in Python. This includes our real-time data preprocessing pipeline that is already handling ~1 TB/daily with a handful of clients, our Rest API and several other services, such as our daily notification feature. We are growing both in the width of what Trackingplan does - such as focusing on cross-provider analytics and alerting - as well as in the depth of what our current customers are already using, like customer data validation, inspection and monitoring. We have to deliver the reliable and accurate functionality our customers require for this type of data, but at the same time, we have to launch MVPs to get early customer feedback and validate in the field. Handling these often uncertain terrains and accommodating customer requests and product vision are within the responsabilities of this role. We develop Serverless on AWS, use trunk-based development and perform PR code reviews and functional reviews on streamlined feature-branch deployments. We are looking for a 3+ years experienced Python backend or full-stack developer (we use React) that enjoys building features making fast progress for our users, and is eager to invest in long-term improvements to improve both the quality of what we do and our overall development experience.