Senior Ruby on Rails developer at Beema

Posted on: 11/23/2021

Location: (REMOTE)

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Tags: sidekiq ruby rails redis react javascript postgres

**About the Role** Beema are looking for a Full-stack engineer to join our growing start-up. Innovative, accessible and enviable; Beema envisions insurance in a new way - We are a tech start-up that offers innovative, digitised products & solutions. **About us:** * We are a Ruby on Rails company that enjoys crafting lovely code on a **majestic and modular monolith**. * We are a remote company. Your time and your calm for doing your craft is key for our team. * We **donโ€™t embrace microservices** as a way of architecting Beema. As of now, we value our delivery pace and happiness too much to enroll in that journey. * We embrace a classic โ€œ**HTML over the wire**โ€ architecture, of server-rendered HTML that is progressively enhanced with Javascript and CSS. We love **Hotwire** and **Rails stack** and all the simplicity that comes with it. We understand the need for Single Page Applications and frameworks like React, but we are not using them in Beema. * We have many **exciting challenges** in front of us and we plan to face them with a small team of experienced and skilled developers with a similar mindset. * We are **excellent to each other**. Egos and dramas are not part of our culture. * We **love solving problems for human beings**. We work collaboratively with designers and product owners to evolve our product on a weekly basis. **We are looking for someone who:** * Has 5+ years professional experience with Ruby / Ruby on Rails * Enjoys writing code as part of a diverse and multiskilled development team * Cares about **domain modelling** and has good practices in **Object Oriented Design**. * Believes that writing tests as part of the development process is fundamental to build great products. * Has real passion for solving customer frictions through simple and effective software. * Has experience with Postgres, Sidekiq and Redis * Has Front-End development knowledge and experience (JavaScript, CSS, HTML) **What we offer you:** * Great team and a friendly and inclusive environment * The opportunity to work from anywhere with great colleagues * Really exciting programming challenges * Competitive salary based on experience; **Location** * Anywere (UTC to UTC + 5)