Engineering Manager, Platform Backend at Stride

Posted on: 07/01/2022

Location: REMOTE (US and Latam) (ON-SITE)

Crunchbase | Glassdoor: 4.0 / 5 | Original Source

Tags: coverage node lambda ecs serverless aws graphql hyper dynamodb python postgres terraform typescript react

At Stride we're working on a benefits suite for what we believe is an underserved community – freelance and gig economy workers. We want to create economic security for anyone who works for themselves. We offer an easy way for 1099 workers to apply for health/dental/vision coverage. We're also expanding to other spaces like tax and financial management, so as to make it financially accessible for anybody who juggles multiple gigs, or is just pursuing a dream on their own. As a business, we sit on a unique position and have partnerships with a ton of giant companies (think Doordash, Postmates, Instacart, and many more) who want to better serve their workforce. It's rare that a startup has a good mission and a good business, but here we are. We're currently in hyper-growth mode, and have expanded our Engineering team from 12 to 30 people in the last several months. This year we're planning for our revenue to multiply significantly. We are backed with plenty of capital ($90M) by world-class VCs like NEA, Venrock, F-Prime, and others. On the engineering side we use React, Node, Typescript, Serverless, Terraform, GraphQL, Postgres, AWS DynamoDB/ECS/SQS/Lambda/others, Python, and some cool machine learning models you're going to love hearing about. Your work will be mostly greenfield, and you'll get to have a leading voice on the future of our platform's architecture and infrastructure. Originally headquartered in San Francisco, we now are a remote-first company and nurture remote workers from all over the United States and Latin America. We offer fantastic benefits (after all, it's our product!) and you'll be surrounded by the most driven, smartest people I know. We have a supportive, productive culture that's respectful of your own personal time and well-being. <> but hit me up at pedro.tabio at and let's talk :)