Sr. Cloud Engineer - Identity at Starburst Data

Posted on: 05/14/2021

Location: United Kingdom (REMOTE)

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Tags: azure prometheus spark scala kotlin golang containers hadoop kubernetes aws python

Starburst is looking for a **Sr. Cloud Engineer** to join our Identity team. Our team features very strong software engineering talent, with years of core database engine and distributed systems development experience. As a cloud engineer, you will be focused on our identity and access management capabilities for our Starburst Galaxy SaaS product. You will be working to develop or integrate solutions to provide a seamless experience for our customers when connecting their identity providers to and through the Starburst Galaxy product. This extends from web UI login experiences all the way down/to/through database queries. We are building and operating a multi-cloud SaaS product at large scale, by leveraging the patterns and technologies from the Cloud Native ecosystem. If you have a passion for Identity and Access Management systems, for Security and Encryption, and for systems at large scale... then look no further. Come join us in our excitement for this mission! Responsibilities: * **Design and Develop:** infrastructure and software for Starburst products, using common Identity and Access Management technologies, in order to provide a seamless and secure Authentication and Authorization capability for our Starburst Galaxy product. * **Secure:** Our Identity and Access Management, and Secrets Management solution, on behalf of our customers and our business to an extreme degree of confidentiality. * **Operate:** We have a core tenet -- “You build it, you own it.” In accordance with the philosophies of Site Reliability Engineering, you are responsible for the production operation and measurements of this system/solution. * **Collaborate:** With teams globally across multiple time zones and operate in an Agile development environment. Requirements: * 5+ years experience as a Software Engineer or DevOps Engineer OAuth2, OIDC, SAML, SCIM, SSO, and LDAPeer prior * 2+ years experience with Kubernetes * 2+ years experience with Go (Golang) and previous experience with JVM based languages (Java/Scala/Kotlin/Groovy) * Knowledge of Identity and Access Management protocols and technologies, such as Experience with Identity and Access Management solutions from public cloud providers, such as IAM from AWS * Experience with Identity and Access Management provider solutions such as Keycloak, Dex, ORY Hydra, WS02 Identity, or Forgerock * Experience with Secrets Management solutions such as AWS Secrets Manager or HashiCorp Vault * Strong comprehension of Public Key Infrastructure technology and related protocols (X.509 SSL/TLS, etc)Experience with developing and operating infrastructure on public cloud providers (AWS, Azure, and/or Google Cloud Platform) * Experience working on SaaS products, with Service Oriented Architectures or Microservices * Experience with production operations at scaleProficient with various programming languages such as Go/Python for automation * Strong comprehension of REST API's and an "API First" mindset Bonus Points: * Experience with Identity and Access Providers such as Okta or Auth0Experience with Hadoop, Spark, Trino * Broad knowledge of the Cloud Native ecosystem solutions (Ingress Controllers, Container Networking, Prometheus, Service Meshes, Logging, Tracing, etc) * Comprehension and experience with Workload Identity protocols/solutions like Spiffe, SPIRE, and Service Meshes * Experience with BigData processing tools / analytical engines * Knowledge of the JVM ecosystem (running, debugging) within containers * Knowledge of distributed systems design, implementation and testing