Staff/Senior Software and Infrastructure Engineers at Rigetti Computing

Posted on: 11/02/2021

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Tags: rust typescript sql aws python terraform docker kubernetes react

Rigetti is building fullstack, end to end quantum computing services and technology at a commercialized scale. If you google our name you'll find some recent interesting announcements from us :). We also just launched our first multi-region deployment of our quantum computing technology in the UK: []( We operate the worlds first dedicated quantum integrated circuit foundry, and through our Quantum Cloud Systems (QCS) platform, we put our first quantum computers on the cloud back in 2017 to provide complete remote user access to our quantum computers to allow our customers to do simulations and write quantum code on their classical computers, and now serve customers like NASA, Amazon, DARPA, DoE and more! Tech Stack: Go, Python, Rust, React/Typescript, SQL, deploying infrastructure in kubernetes with terraform/docker on AWS. We are a wellness focused, offer a wide array of benefits such as Rigetti Rejuvenation company wide days off (more can be viewed in our JDs). Staff Infrastructure Software Engineer: []( Senior Software Engineer: []( Senior Software Engineer, Quantum Compilation: []( Lead Software Engineer, Device Design and Fabrication: [](