Software Engineer (TypeScript) at Drifting in Space

Posted on: 04/16/2022

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Tags: deno node github react typescript

Drifting in Space is building server infrastructure for modern browser-based apps, including our open-source []( and our platform product, We make it easy for developers to spin up dedicated, server-side processes for every user of an application. We use TypeScript in a number of places, including our command-line tool, integration testing framework, customer-facing web UI, and demo applications. We are seeking an engineer to play a central role in building these and future TypeScript projects at Drifting in Space. Drifting in Space is an early-stage company with funding from Y Combinator and others. Our founders are both technical. As an early engineering hire, you will work closely with the founders to shape the technical foundation of the company. We’re based in NYC, but open to remote candidates. **Qualifications** * Familiarity with the modern web stack, including front-end frameworks like React, runtimes like node.js and Deno, and build tools like webpack. * A passion for high-quality code. * Working familiarity with Git and GitHub.