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Posted on: 04/20/2022

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You have probably already noticed that shipping is going digital. Greywing is what happens when crew changes collide with Silicon Valley. ##TLDR; * In house Crew Manager/Operator * What matters is that you are currently working as the Person in Charge (PIC) facilitating crew changes worldwide ideally with experience of managing Crew for multiple types of vessels * You are our subject matter expert in Crew Management * You are frustrated at the challenges in Crewing & believe deep down that crew changes could be much easier * You want to be at the forefront of building technology that you wish you had right now * If one of our clients needs help with a crew change you are happy to get stuck in and help them solve the problem Greywing is a small team of eight in the digital and maritime space. We believe in having a small team that can move quickly, where we hire the best people we can. The qualities we seek in our team members are humility and competence. You are the link between the people building the product and the people using it. ### The Role Be the Greywing Crew Manager, represent the beliefs and interests of our Users internally and become the subject matter expert on digital crew changes. When we are making decisions about how to evolve the product, we need someone who is the internal Champion for our Users. You will give feedback on what we are doing and whether it solves the Crew Managers problem and helps us stay focused on helping, not hindering our Users. For instance, we are currently considering whether we want to integrate live port agency pricing or to improve the accuracy of the world wide crew change data that we source - you can help us make this decision, both by letting us know what you think, and by talking to our Users to see what they think. We need someone who is excited to work with and educate our client crew managers on how Greywing makes their life easier. If you are working in Crew Management you may be wondering what the future of your role looks like. Crewing has only gotten harder, and the resources have only gotten smaller, particularly if you work for a 3rd party technical or crew manager. Help us to make things better by guiding Crewing & the Maritime industry into the future. ### Who are we? Greywing is a maritime intelligence tool that enables crew managers to find the best place to change their crew and save thousands of dollars by providing actionable insight into the decisions they make. Simply put, we process hundreds of thousands of information points about a vessel, crew, cargo and their supply chain to optimise crew changes. We are backed by the people at Y Combinator, Instacart, Gumroad, Flexport, and work with the world's largest ship owners and operators to make the global shipping network more efficient. ### Why we need you With our clients we have been reimagining what vessel operations will look like in the future. We can see a huge opportunity to help our clients and to give seafarers more autonomy over their lives. Maritime software is still in its infancy. Do a quick Google and you'll see that interfaces look like they were designed on FrontPage in 2008 - and this is the state across the ecosystem. Decisions that govern millions of dollars in cargo and hundreds of thousands of tons of iron and steel are made through excel sheets, email, and pencil and paper. We have a rare opportunity to lay down how maritime will interact digitally for the next decade, if we get this right. We need someone who can be in communication with our users, ensuring they have an awesome experience of the product and of Greywing as a business. Customers regularly reach out to us for assistance and we need someone experienced in their needs on standby to help, who understands their problems and is experienced in our best solutions. ### The Team Our CEO is a former Royal Marine Commando that has built a business in maritime from nothing to 4 million in turnover. Our CTO has published multiple papers across technology, from Formal verification in cryptocurrencies, human-computer interaction, embedded glucose monitoring to baseline optimization in chemistry and physics. He has also built software and hardware serving hundreds of thousands of users across southeast Asia, in fintech, insurtech, robotics, for companies like National Geographic, Ethereum, and SGX. ### Details Full time role, we are open to global remote Candidates but you must be able to fit in with a Leadership team based in Singapore. It is an advantage to be based in Singapore to improve communication and help us move faster. Payment and salaries are competitive and benchmarked with local Crew Manager Salaries ### How to apply See our CEO, Nick Clarke's, [top tips for recording an awesome Loom here.]( If you are interested, please reach out with a short Loom video answering the following questions: 2. What should we know about you? Background, capabilities, what you think your strengths are. 4. What interests you about us? 6. Tell us a little about the most memorable project you've worked on. What were the hardest parts? What were the best moments?