Full-stack engineer (#4 & #5) & Customer Support Manager at Hive.co

Posted on: 05/02/2022

Location: Remote (Canada) (ON-SITE)

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Tags: django celery redux mongodb elasticsearch terraform aws kubernetes react python

Hive is an email & SMS marketing CRM that helps brands sell more while keeping their customers happy and engaged. Our tech stack includes: Django, Python, Celery, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, React, Redux, AWS, Terraform, Kubernetes We're a profitable company growing off our revenue - not investor money. We've hit product-market-fit and tripled our revenue this year. We're super intentional about what we build and who we hire to help us build it. Read more here: [https://blog.hive.co/why-is-hive-such-a-uniquely-dope-place-...](https://blog.hive.co/why-is-hive-such-a-uniquely-dope-place-to-work/) Email caitlin [at] hive.co or apply here: <https://angel.co/company/hive/jobs>