Android, Go backend, more at Tonal

Posted on: 01/05/2022

Location: SF, NYC, Toronto, Austin, LA (ON-SITE)

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Tags: flutter android ios

Tonal is the world's smartest home gym. It's a single device that mounts to your wall, has a giant screen (powered by Android), and uses an electromagnetic motor to provide up to 200lbs of resistance. It's genuinely one of the most incredible new consumer products on sale today. It works phenomenally well and we're just beginning to tap into the full potential of the hardware. We're an engineer-founded company so strong engineering is at the roots of everything we do. I'm the engineering manager for the Android team. We work on everything you would touch and interact with on Tonal's screen. I personally exclusively work out on Tonal and I'm stronger than I have ever been before. It's truly incredible what it's capable of. We're hiring passionate product-minded Android engineers as well as nearly every other discipline (backend, data science, computer vision, dev ops, media streaming, iOS, Flutter (for our mobile app), and more). <>