Lead Software Engineer at Iron Galaxy Studios

Posted on: 07/16/2021

Location: Chicago (ON-SITE)

full time

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This opportunity is for a full-time position, either in **Chicago, IL,** or **Orlando, FL**. *Iron Galaxy employees can elect to work from the office or home through the end of 2021. This policy extends to anyone that Iron Galaxy hires between now and then. Any equipment that you might need for projects at Iron Galaxy will be set up for you onsite or shipped directly to you based on preference.* Diversity matters at Iron Galaxy. Every day, our team strives to build on an inclusive environment where all voices are equal. We believe in continuous improvement. Our constant growth relies on being open to the cultures of players everywhere. Whether you find us online or in our games, Iron Galaxy provides a safe space for everyone. For all positions, we are looking for the next team member to challenge us to be better. Iron Galaxy is looking for a Lead Programmer to join our world-class engineering team and help lead a team. Programmers at Iron Galaxy work on a wide variety of projects, including creating new games from the ground up, co-developing games with partners, and porting existing games to new platforms. Our projects tend to have shorter development cycles; it’s not uncommon for a programmer to work on more than one project in a year. We have found that this helps keep things fresh and provides opportunities to utilize experience gained from previous projects. As a Lead Programmer, you will be expected to lead a small to medium-sized team, estimate and schedule work, contribute directly to features and systems, and provide guidance and feedback to help your team grow. **RESPONSIBILITIES:** *Responsibilities vary based on the project, and we will also aim to place you on projects that play to your strengths while also giving you room to grow. Here are some examples of what a Lead Programmer might be expected to do:* * Provide feedback and mentorship to direct reports * Identify and schedule work for a project, system, or feature * Create a technical design document for a new system or feature * Review a game design document for a feature and provide feedback * Implement low-level subsystems for a new platform * Implement a new feature or system, or extend an existing one * Lead an evaluation team to provide information for a project bid **What else are we looking for?** *Here’s our wishlist for the ideal candidate. If you possess most of these qualities, you may very well be the one we’re looking for:* * Previous leadership/management experience * Significant experience at a game studio of any size * Deep understanding of C/C++ * Strong debugging skills * Development experience on at least one game console * Able to adapt to new codebases and platforms * Passion for personal development and mentoring others