Fullstack Engineer at Vizcom

Posted on: 06/01/2022

Location: (REMOTE)

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Tags: node aws mysql javascript python react

offering 115k along with 1% equity. ----------------------- About Vizcom is a drawing application that renders your single 2d image into a 3d model in real-time using machine learning. check it out for yourself <https://www.vizcom.ai/> In order to create browser-based creative tools that are performant and robust as native applications, we need to push the boundaries of what’s currently possible with web graphics. We are based in California, but welcome remote applications from everywhere ----------------------- Abilities: - Experience developing a graphical canvas application (Canvas, SVG, WebGL, three.js) - Practical skills in Javascript, React, Node, and Python - Comfortable with Monorepo and Microfronend architectures - Familiarity with server/database management (fly.io, planet-scale, MySql, AWS) -----------------------