Frontend, backend, full-stack, architect at Kintent

Posted on: 06/02/2022

Location: Remote (focus on US and Pune, but open to all) (ON-SITE)

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Tags: node ux react

At Kintent, we want to create a world where trust can be measured. We're building a platform to automate security and sales processes that everyone is required to do, but hates doing, and we're passionate about making our users' experience wonderful and joyful. As we grow, we're taking lessons from our previous startups and using them to build a diverse, remote-first, evidence-based, transparent company, where you're supported by and can rely on your teammates. Everyone at the company, from engineering to customer success to sales, is genuinely great to work with, and knows we'll only succeed as a company if each of us is successful individually. Engineering- and design-wise, there's a lot of opportunity to do anything from affecting the fundamental direction of products, to contributing to React or Node code and working closely with our UX team to make sure we're solving the right problems in the right way. You'll have a chance to talk directly to customers, collaborate, work independently, own features, and learn how to scale a company. See full job list and apply at <>