Full Stack Engineer at Sturdy

Posted on: 04/21/2022

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Tags: github electron graphql typescript tailwindcss postgresql vue

Hey! We’re Sturdy – simple & efficient code collaboration. We where part of Y Combinator in 2021, and have raised a seed round from several tech funds, and a team of amazing angel investors. We’re now looking to hire more engineers to come and join our team! ### You’ll work in our team and... * ... develop the Sturdy product, contributing to both our app and backend services. The frontend is mostly Vue/Typescript, and the backend is in Go * ... enjoy what you’re doing (which is programming!) Because we’re an early-stage company, we’re looking for a motivated individual who can help making Sturdy a better product. ### Skills of interest * Experience and interest to work with some of Go, TypeScript, Vue, and GraphQL * Have a solid understanding of distributed systems * Flexibility to adjust to the dynamic nature of a startup * Together with the team, you’ll succeed with these goals: * Work as a part of a team of engineers to add features to the Sturdy service * Have a good overview of the product, from customer needs, to product features ### Benefits * Work out of our great office in Stockholm, Sweden * Flexible working hours – a good work/life balance is really important to us * Competitive compensation, stock options, and pension * 30 days of paid vacation / year ### What we use * Sturdy is built in the public (On Sturdy, with a mirror to GitHub) * Our app and frontend is built with Vue, urql, TailwindCSS, and Electron * The backend is built with Go, PostgreSQL, and GraphQL ### How to apply Does this role sound like a good fit? Email us at gustav [at] getsturdy.com * Include the role's title in your subject line. * Send along links that best showcase the relevant things you've built and done.