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Posted on: 06/09/2022

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At [Portal](, we're building Shopify for Service Businesses. We want to make it easy for entrepreneurs anywhere to start and scale service businesses: marketing agencies, bookkeeping firms, recruiting agencies, and thousands of others. While it is straightforward to set up a Shopify store and sell a *physical product* on the Internet, entrepreneurs that want to sell and deliver a *service* on the Internet have to stitch together SaaS apps, and even then are unable to offer clients a streamlined experience under their own brand. We want to change this by giving service businesses the building blocks (messaging, payments, etc.) to design their own product and offer their clients a modern streamlined experience. In February 2022, we raised a $10M seed round led by Ali Rowghani at [YC Continuity]( and [Lachy Groom]( Other investors include [Y Combinator](, [Liquid 2](, [Tribe](, [Addition](, [Slope](, YC partner and Scribd founder [Jared Friedman](, former SVP Product at Lyft [Ran Makavy](, and Pipe founders [Zain Allarakhia]( and [Josh Mangel]( About the role -------------- As an early PM at Portal you will work closely with the CEO, be a critical part of our core team, and have a huge influence over the direction of the company. We will compensate you well, invest deeply in your development, and do everything we can to make sure this is the single best work experience of your life. In this role, you’ll be the product lead of our upcoming Portal Store product. Similar to an e-commerce store, Portal Store will make it easy for our customers’ clients to self-serve check out and purchase services. Services can be one-off (for example, buying a set of 3 logos from a marketing agency) or continuous (for example, a monthly subscription for marketing services). The problem space is fascinating because selling services online is fundamentally different from selling physical products online and requires a product architecture and UI that can be completely reimagined. Who you are ----------- * **You have good values.** You have high integrity. You understand why diversity matters and make others feel like they belong. You're low ego and make the workplace more fun for everyone. * **You're entrepreneurial.** You are comfortable with ambiguity and thrive in fast-pasted environments. You've likely worked at startups before or might want to start one in the future. * **You're hardworking.** You understand that building a category-defining company requires people that work smart and that also work hard. * **You're experienced.** You have 4+ years experience working in engineering, design, or product management. * **You’re passionate about design.** You’re opinionated about what great products look and feel like. * **You’re sufficiently technical.** You don’t have to be a stellar engineer but you know enough to create to create MVP products and participate in technical discussions. * **You’re extremely detail oriented.** You’ve internalized that the most durable, successful products are forged because of 1000s of small compounding decisions. You care about the little details. What you'll do -------------- * **You’ll own products.** You'll be the leader of multiple projects and the person responsible for their success. * **You’ll become an experts in the problem space.** You’ll closely get to know our users, understand their pain points, and do user research. You’ll help with support and be active in our customer community. * **You’ll write.** You’ll product high-quality product specs and work with your colleagues to ensure that projects are well-defined. * **You’ll work closely with design.** You’ll spend time in Figma, do brainstorming sessions with designers, and make sure that products meet our design bar. * **You’ll measure.** You’ll define success metrics for a project, ensure tracking is set up correctly in Segment and Amplitude, and monitor the success of products you own after delivery. * **You'll help build the team.** The first 10 members of a startup dictate the next 100. You'll help interview and recruit more talented engineers. * **You'll learn about startups**. Aside from your core work, you'll have the opportunity to get involved in other areas - marketing, growth, ops, etc.