DevOps Engineer - remote at PepsiCo eCommerce

Posted on: 07/02/2022

Location: (ON-SITE)

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Tags: k8s elixir phoenix python typescript react

Pepsico eCommerce | Elixir Software Engineers & Data Engineers | REMOTE - US and Kraków in person | Full-time PepsiCo eCommerce has grown to almost 300 people in the last few years and is a key growth area for the broader company. The tech org operates in lean fashion and uses Elixir for application development and Python/Airflow for data engineering. We're active in the elixir community, sponsoring conferences and contributing to open source. Teams are product focused and largely self organizing. We put a lot of effort into developer experience and we're delivering products to the company globally that drive a lot of revenue. Tech stack: Elixir, Python, Typescript, Phoenix, LiveView, Airflow, React, K8s (but we have a DevOps group), misc. Senior Back End Engineer (US Remote): <> Senior Fullstack (Kraków) <> Senior Data Engineer (US remote) <> A full listing can be found here [〈=en-US&limit=25&categories=eCommerce]( If you might be interested but want to chat with an engineer first, you can reach out to me at chase [dot] gilliam [at] pepsico [dot] com. From: <>