Software Architect, Senior Engineer, Junior Engineer, Cybersecurity Engineer at LIFTE H2

Posted on: 07/01/2021

Location: Boston, MA or Berlin, Germany (ON-SITE)

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Tags: javascript serverless s3 python react aws

LIFTE H2 deploys hydrogen supply chains and infrastructures for world's largest heavy industries and we work with global partners, policy makers, and funds to make hydrogen work. We are building the world's first software product suite dedicated to managing hydrogen equipment, data analytics, and operations to service product development as well as new industry standards & codes. We believe in letting software engineers having a direct impact on clean tech and decarbonization while helping our customers meet their sustainability and social responsibility goals. You will get to work on the full end-to-end lifecycle of software product development, starting from receiving high-frequency time-series data from challenging environments to building productivity features to enable our end users to better manage their supply chain logistics. Our stack is focused on using AWS serverless including Greengrass, IoT, Kinesis, Amplify, S3 with front end written in React.js and React Native. We mostly code in Python and JavaScript, with a small mix of other languages like C++ for engineering simulations. Benefits include competitive salary, large stock options, 401K with 5% match, five weeks of vacation for everyone, and more. - Software Architect: []( - Senior Software Engineer - Full-stack: []( - Software Engineer - Full-stack: []( We are hiring for all levels and years of experience. We have office in Boston & Berlin and support inter-country relocation as well. We do require one day in office per week to support the company culture and in-person collaboration. Career page: <> Please email me at richard.zhang at with your resume and we will respond if you are a good fit within a day.