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Posted on: 08/26/2021

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At FetLife we are looking for an open-minded, kink-friendly Product Manager to help us better serve the community. At the strategic level, you will be responsible for =================================================== * Defining the strategy, setting clear goals, and building a roadmap that helps the team realize the product vision * Collaborating closely with stakeholders to drive the ideation, research, design, and development of member-focused features and improvements * Keeping the team focused and excited to solve member problems by connecting the work they do to our member's success and our larger mission * Build alignment across the different members and teams At the tactical level, you will be responsible for ================================================== * Conducting research to better understand members' needs * Diving into our data to better understand how people use FetLife * Drafting hypotheses based on what was learnt through member research, data, etc. * Validating hypothesis and potential solutions with the community * Conducting A/B tests to validate hypothesis and report back on findings * Prioritizing initiatives based on potential impact, complexity, estimated cost, etc. * Defining and breaking up projects into small and measurable iterative improvements * Expressing requirements through job stories, acceptance criteria, and wireframes * Removing blockers to make sure initiatives move forward smoothly * Reviewing project outcomes, summarizing feedback, and prioritizing next steps * Defining, tracking, and reporting on key metrics * Supporting the product team by removing blockers You should have 3+ years experience =================================== * Significantly and measurably improving key metrics of a product * Defining the strategy, setting clear goals, and maintaining roadmaps for products * Delivering member insights via interviews, surveys, data analysis, A/B testing, etc. * Effectively prioritizing projects based on people’s needs and potential impact * Defining and breaking up projects into small measurable iterative improvements * Expressing requirements through job stories, acceptance criteria, and wireframes * Successfully launching and iterating over web or mobile products Bonus if you have experience ============================ * Working remotely * Working as a contractor * Effectively working on a small remote team To be successful, you need to be or have ======================================== * Passionate about, and fundamentally believe in, the mission and vision of FetLife * Goal oriented, data-driven, and follow a scientific approach to problem-solving * Empathetic to the needs of a diverse group of members and stakeholders * Focused on continuously working on and improving yourself and our processes * An effective and clear written communicator and collaborator * Outstanding project and time management skills * Solid understanding of product design, development, and QA * Able to use data to support your decisions * Detail oriented with a passion for quality * Have core overlap hours from 8-12 AM EST (2-6 PM CET) Bonus, if you can or have ========================= * Developed hypotheses on how to delight members * Great judgment about people, product, and business * Find nuggets of valuable information in a sea of data At FetLife we ============= * Are 100% remote, work from multiple time zones * Use Notion, Slack, and GitHub to collaborate * Are community driven and work both hard and smart You can find our core values [here]( work with FetLife ===================== * Have your work impact millions of people * Work with a great group of people from all over the world * Grow as a Product Manager *#BigPassionateCommunity #HighTraffic* * Gain a broader and deeper understanding of human sexuality and kink More about FetLife ================== * Largest kinky social network this side of the milky way * We focus on doing the right thing and not hockey stick shaped charts * Have over 10 million members… and growing * Grew 100% by word-of-mouth * Serve over 1.5 billion requests a day How we hire =========== * Everyone initially starts as either a part-time or full-time contractor * If over time we both believe it's a good fit, and you're interested in something more permanent, we then will make you a more permanent offer How to apply ============ Send an email to []( In the email, please include: * Quick introduction about yourself * How would you organize your first four weeks at FetLife and what would you plan to accomplish each week? * Why you believe you are the right person for this role * Link to your LinkedIn profile -and/or- a copy of your resume in PDF format * Availability *i.e. part-time (amount of hours per week) or full-time* * Rate If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email us at [](!