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Posted on: 03/17/2021

Location: USA (ON-SITE)


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Tags: jquery javascript photoshop mongodb android node ios ux aws react

Company Introduction Software development company in start-up mode with a software product that has been proven to be able to outperform its competitors in the market. We are looking for a self-starter, dynamic, fun, and creative developer/team to join our team. Job Description We are looking for a Web Developer responsible for managing the interchange of data between the server and the web and mobile users, as well as translating the UI/UX design wireframes and PSD’s to actual code that will produce the visual elements of the application. You will also design the overall architecture of the web application and evolve it to ensure maximum performance and stability. We are looking to develop a SaaS subscription-based application that will also be tied into a mobile application for Android and iOS. Responsibilities -Make best recommendations based on proof of concept presentation to the leadership group for decision making for environmental, software, custom-written functions, and hardware needs. -Installation, design, and development of the overall architecture of the web application -Implementation of a robust set of services and APIs to power the web application in the AWS environment -Building reusable code and libraries for future use and development -Optimization of the application for maximum speed and scalability for the next generation of the product (to be discussed) -Implementation of security and data protection -Translation of UI/UX wireframes to visual elements by the development of them into frontend/backend API’s -Integration of the front-end and back-end aspects of the web application -Document the entire installation, configuration, software, keys to all software products, login credentials, and environment setup, changelog maintained, with versioning technique. -Creating user documentation and help pop-ups in the application on page and fields -Create/maintain all system custom feature documentation -All custom feature development front/backend -Development/Installation of all plug-in’s -Attending all daily Scrum Meetings, taking meeting notes, providing updates and reporting any blocks, and recording the next steps of the project plan -Updating Project Plan as requested -Completing Spreadsheets with information as requested -Utilizing Slack for all daily constant communications, Clickup for our Project Management Tool, and must utilize Video Services when requested to join meetings. Skills and Qualifications -Must have solid experience with AWS Services and the ability to make environmental recommendations -Must have experience with MongoDB installation -Must have solid experience with SaaS Subscription Services and familiar with application KillBill for subscription processing and plug-in creation and application. -Understanding differences between multiple delivery platforms (such as mobile vs, desktop), and optimizing output to match the specific platform Good understanding of server-side templating languages React, Node.js -Good understanding of server-side CSS preprocessors -Creating database schemas that represent and support business processes -Management of hosting environment, including database administration and scaling an application to support load changes -Understanding of fundamental design principles behind a scalable application -Ability to implement automated testing platforms and unit tests -Good understanding of advanced JavaScript libraries and frameworks such as AngularJS, ReactJS, Node.js -Proficient understanding of client-side scripting and JavaScript frameworks, including jQuery -Basic knowledge of image authoring tools, ability to crop, resize, or perform small adjustments on an image. Familiarity with tools such as Gimp or Photoshop is a plus. -Proficient understanding of code versioning tools e.g. Git, Mercurial or SVN -Must have at least 5+ years in advanced software development -MUST HAVE SOLID experience with at least 3 installations of ThemeForest’s React Theme ‘Fuse’ or very similar React Theme exploiting most all of its features and many customizations of the theme Personal Skills I’m looking for a passionate person who is looking to get involved in the development of this project. You have just found the project that you can love and put your heart and soul into because you truly believe in its success. Because it will be. We are a small team that is excited about the success of this product and how it is going to come alive right in front of us! You’re not working with blindfolds, you’re a true team player, your in constant communication, you’re into Slack, Google Meetings, Live Interaction, Throwing out ideas during Scrum meetings, Working through those barriers, Bring new ideas by exploiting and pushing to the limits of our applications and all along having fun! The person whom we hire, the hope is they will be here for the long run as the application will always grow. My vow to my clients will be that there will be new features improved upon or released every month so this product will not stay stagnant and we will listen to our users for feedback and let the prominent requests rise to the top in a voting manner. In addition, there will be a new version already planned out which will be released once the person is on board.