Senior Engineer at TriumphPay

Posted on: 07/10/2021

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Are you the kind of person who likes working on a variety of challenging projects? Would you enjoy helping a team work on automation improvements this month and then build real-time payment integrations next month? Are you looking to work with a bright, kind and curious team of experienced software engineers? If so, being a TriumphPay Software Engineer might be the thing for you. We are looking for one or more people to help us solve our most challenging issues. **Essential DUTIES and RESPONSIBILITIES** * Communicates strategically with other engineers. * Ensures solutions work in production as expected, including failure rates and performance. * Is notorious for popping the why stack. * Sought out by others as a technical resource. * Identifies technical risks in features they work on and proactively communicates these to the appropriate parties. * Works with a Lead Engineer to turn ideas from the product team into implementable stories. * Understands the tradeoffs between technical, analytical and product needs and leads to solutions that take all of these needs into account * Performs code reviews that ensure the proposed solution make the right tradeoffs and solves the right problems and properly into the overall codebase. * Mentors other developers on the team. **Experience and education**The successful candidate will possess previous experience leading a software development team, analytical and critical thinking skills, and attention to detail. Additionally, the ideal candidate should possess the following: * 5+ year’s application development experience in a professional environment. * Full stack experience with one or more technology stacks. * Experience identifying customer’s business needs and providing both technical and non-technical solutions. * Experience reviewing code and making recommendations for improvement. * Experience with agile implementation methodologies Bonus points for: * Experience in Machine Learning. * Experience with functional languages like Elm, Haskell, Ocaml, Elixir, or F#. * Previous Logistics Experience **Required skills** * Experienced. Has designed and implemented entire projects not just individual stories. * Curious. Isn’t content with the status quo and knows that we can always improve. * Self-directed. Can work independently while prioritizing tasks. * Collaborative. Works with others to improve solutions * Empathetic. Designs are influenced by a deep understanding of the customers' needs * A strong communicator. Will proactively communicate issues and trade-offs with team members to support alignment and fast decision making. * Be an outstanding developer. Recognized by peers as one of the best and the brightest developers they have worked with. **We offer Medical, Dental, Vision, Paid Time Off, 401k and much more. Expected Salary: $160,000 to $200,000** Go on. Do it. Apply Today!