Senior Software Engineer - Django, React at Sugar

Posted on: 06/03/2021

Location: US/Canada (REMOTE)

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Tags: django redis postgres graphql react

At Sugar, we make residential properties feel like home by fostering community among residents and integrating deeply with the technology stack that powers modern buildings. Some of the problems that we solve on a daily basis include: * Reliably and securely controlling on-premises hardware and IoT devices in varying network conditions * Integrating with legacy enterprise software in a way that masks the underlying complexity * Crafting fluid, intuitive interfaces with sub-100ms interactions on a wide variety of end-user devices What we're looking for: * You have 5+ years of experience building consumer-facing applications, or can demonstrate a similar proficiency * You have a strong command of technologies like Django, Postgres, Redis, React/React Native, and GraphQL * Bonus: you have experience building applications that meet the standards of SOC-2 or ISO-27001 compliance <> for more details.