Senior Software Engineer at SumUp

Posted on: 09/14/2021

Location: (ON-SITE)

Crunchbase | Glassdoor: 4.0 / 5 | Original Source

Tags: elixir ruby typescript golang

SumUp is a big, established player in the EU and Brazil, but our US team operates as a startup within the larger org. We're aiming to grow fast and turn SumUp into a household name in the US. We're looking for experienced engineers with a history of technical leadership on big projects. We use languages like Elixir, Ruby, Golang, and TypeScript, we aim to use the right tool for the right job and to let teams decided what those tools should be. We're interested in engineers with all backgrounds, but you'll get bonus points if yo have experience with EMV certification and/or payments/banking. We also love open source contributors! We're currently employing a hybrid model for remote work, with most engineers come in to the office 1-2 days a week (since we're all currently in Colorado). We're happy to consider fully remote candidates, but we'll also provide generous relocation assistance to move to Colorado if possible for you (it's awesome here). Apply here: [](