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Posted on: 05/26/2022

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Gridware is on a mission to create a future without deadly wildfires. We’re a startup building hardware and software that monitors the power grid to prevent and detect faults that lead to wildfire ignition and blackouts. (More about Gridware below). To make that happen, we’re currently looking for a frontend engineer to join our growing team. ##Why do we need you? Imagine in 50 years, you are speaking to a bunch of children about the climate crisis. They specifically ask about the uncontrolled wildfires and blackouts that used to threaten people’s lives and homes. “How did we solve that?” they are asking. Imagine being able to tell them what YOU did to solve this problem. This role, 50 years from now, will be able to say: “Actually, I was working for Gridware at the time, building wildfire and blackout alerting and monitoring software.” Responsibilities ---------------- * Help fight *real* fires by building emergency response software to assist first responders and our communities fight wildfires and power outages * Build operations dashboards for monitoring and controlling our network of power grid sensors * Create analysis tooling for the investigation and labeling of potentially dangerous grid activity * Develop software to manage the lifecycle of grid component failure -- from issue, to dispatch, to fix * Use your skills in UX design to create intuitive interfaces; work with our users to refine them * Collaborate with our passionate staff to tackle the largest issues with our power grid infrastructure Required Skills --------------- * In depth knowledge of Javascript / Typescript * Experience with at least one Javascript framework (React, Vue, Angular, Svelte) * A high standard of product quality with an eye for UX design and engineering detail * Thoughtful API design skills with technologies like GraphQL or REST * Experience with build / test tools like Webpack, Mocha, CI Bonus Skills ------------ Your application will have a higher chance of standing out if you have one (or more) of the following skills or experiences. If you, however, have all of the required skills but none of the bonus skills we still encourage you to apply. * Building real-time data-driven dashboards * Experience with our specific stack: GraphQL, React, Typescript, Material UI * UI/UX Design tooling: Figma, Adobe XD, Adobe InDesign, etc * Mobile development experience: React Native, Flutter, Swift, Kotlin, responsive web design Application ----------- Although we do not require candidates to submit a cover letter, candidates who wish to have their application stand out are invited to write a cover letter outlining one or all of the following things in a bullet-point format: * Where you have acquired the required skills * Which (if any) of the bonus skills you have and where you acquired them * Why you are excited about this role Benefits -------- We offer competitive benefits that help employees to thrive, grow and enjoy their lives. These benefits include: * 3 day weekend every other week * 2 weeks paid time off, plus an additional annual paid 2 week “off the grid” mini-sabbatical with $3000 to make it a great adventure * Health, Dental and Vision insurance, free parking and a commuter allowance * 401K * Stock option plan * Company-paid training to upgrade your skills ##About Gridware ### Our Culture We are a mission-driven team passionate about saving lives and creating a future without wildfires or blackouts. ### Our Vision Save Lives Everyday, Everywhere ### Our Mission Prevent catastrophic failures by building a highly adaptable platform capable of answering any question about critical infrastructure. ### What we do We provide a full-stack (hardware + firmware + software) solution for real-time monitoring of America's power distribution grid. Our low-cost hardware platforms are deployed to power poles, where they detect and predict faults that lead to wildfire ignition or outages, expedite repairs to limit the duration power outages, and prevent issues from starting catastrophes Gridware’s technology is designed to unlock essential value for other adjacent verticals. Our unique positioning allows us to solve some of the world’s most critical challenges - from helping policy makers make data-driven infrastructure decisions to helping farmers overcome micro-climate challenges. While others turn a blind eye to these traditional and highly-regulated industries, we at Gridware believe it’s our duty to find win-for-all scenarios that lead to a prosperous future for coming generations. ### Our investors Gridware is a privately-held company with funding from major investors such as * True Ventures * Fifty Years * Y Combinator Gridware is an equal opportunity employer. We want applicants of diverse backgrounds and hire without regard to color, gender, religion, national origin, citizenship, disability, age, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected by law. Gridware is located in Walnut Creek, California – accessible by car and BART Similar Job Titles: Frontend Engineer, Software Engineer, Full-stack engineer, Web Developer