Senior JavaScript/TypeScript Engineer at FingerprintJS

Posted on: 11/09/2021

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FingerprintJS empowers developers to stop online fraud at the source. We work on turning radical new ideas in the fraud detection space into reality. Our products are developer-focused and our clients range from solo developers to publicly traded companies. Some of our customers include: Coinbase,, Yahoo, and eBay just to name a few. **We are a globally dispersed, 100% remote company** with a strong open-source focus. Our flagship open source project is [**FingerprintJS**]( (15.2K stars on GitHub). [**We have raised $44M**]( and are backed by Craft Ventures (previously invested in [**Tesla**](, [**Facebook**](, [**Airbnb**](, Nexus VP (previously invested in [**Postman**](, [**Hasura**]( and Uncorrelated Ventures (previously invested in [**Redis**](, [**Rollbar**]( & [**Gradle**]( We’re looking for a **Senior JavaScript/TypeScript engineer** to build nextgen tools for developers. Someone who loves working with programming languages, build systems or source code editor plugins. **In this role you will:** * Work with JS/TS parsing, AST manipulation, static code analysis and security/vulnerability research in general. * Write well structured, high-quality JavaScript and TypeScript code. * Be deeply involved with internet security & privacy mechanisms. * Solve complex problems that require knowledge of web browsers, networking, and cryptography. * Have a high level of personal ownership and autonomy, which requires experience working without clearly defined requirements. * Need good English. **Ideally we would love to have someone who also has:** * Historical record of open source contributions. * Experience with technical writing. **What we offer:** * 100% remote position (you should be in UTC-8 to UTC+3) 🌐. * Small team, lean hierarchy and no politics. * Budget for learning. We want you to grow with us, so we offer a $600 yearly budget that you can spend to learn new stuff (books, conferences, subscriptions, etc.). * Freedom to grow and experiment. Work on open-source projects and try new things and ideas. * Ability to influence and quickly grow within the company. * Stock options πŸ“ˆ