Associate Project Manager (Online Marketing | U.S. Only) at Vision Tech Team

Posted on: 09/23/2021

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How To Shortcut YEARS In Your Path To Becoming An Online Marketing Expert ========================================================================= With some online marketing experience under your belt, you can tell that you want to continue growing in this field. There's a lot to love about it… With the rise of tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Amazon, the space is exploding - and will continue to expand for decades to come. But more importantly, you're **good** at online marketing. From creating ad copy to crafting the perfect checkout experience, you just seem to have a knack for it. There's just one problem… All the paths to online marketing mastery seem to have major downsides. Let's break them down. **First**, you could join an industry giant, for example, an online marketing automation software company. While they seem to be right in the mix of things, you'll soon discover that your responsibilities at a large company will be quite narrow. And you don't learn very much if you're never allowed to *drive the car* and occasionally even *dent* it. Meanwhile, the path to a promotion and more responsibility is *very* competitive. If you can avoid competing with dozens of other talented people for the same spot, why wouldn't you? **Next**, you can try to work for a small company, an online marketing agency perhaps. While you can get a lot of real-world experience, these companies tend to be quite unstable. If the business is down for more than a few months, the owners won't hesitate to make severe cuts. Not ideal. And even if you can survive there, the conditions never seem stable enough to prioritize learning - which is the entire reason you took the job! **Third**, you could try to strike out on your own. While the rewards are huge if you make it, most people who choose this path simply crash and burn. I'm sure you'd like to avoid that risk. If all that sounds bleak, **luckily,** there is another option. One that will propel you to online marketing mastery faster than any other, while providing enough stability to learn and grow. You guessed it, it's joining Vision Tech Team as our **Associate Project Manager**. If that's the sort of opportunity you've been looking for, then this page could literally change the course of your career. But only if you keep reading. First, a little bit about us.Who We Are ========== Vision Tech Team helps online businesses build and improve their marketing funnels. There are many marketing agencies out there that might seem similar to ours. But we’re the only ones with a unique mix of high-end design, high-tech, and marketing expertise all in one team. This has allowed our marketing funnels to generate over $100,000,000 in sales for our clients. (And we expect this number to multiply soon.) So business is booming - and has been since our start in 2012. And now we want you to join our team. But what's in it for you? Why would you want to join us?5 Reasons To Join Vision Tech Team As Associate Project Manager =============================================================== **1. Work On The Cutting Edge Of Online Marketing** We specialize in working with 7-8 figure businesses that are growing rapidly. They’re in industries like: * personal development * business training * nutrition * health & fitness * financial empowerment * entrepreneurship education * exponential technology ...and many more. Our clients are go-getters with high standards. And they hire us because we share their commitment to excellence. Working on their funnels will give you a “behind the scenes” look at their success. And you’ll learn what it takes to manage and grow businesses like theirs. Not only that, but you’ll also get the mentorship of our Marketing Manager, Margot Strachan. Under her guidance, you’ll master everything that's needed to build, grow and optimize highly profitable marketing systems. Sound like something you’d enjoy? Then this role is for you. **2. Never Stop Learning** The technology around online marketing and eCommerce changes every day. That makes non-stop education one of the key aspects of this role. So if you rely on others telling you what to learn or feel safe following standard procedures, then this is NOT the job for you. This role IS for someone that’s driven to learn everything there is to know about marketing. If you’re motivated to always be learning, this job is the right fit. **3. Work Remotely With A Flexible Schedule** We believe that work-life balance drives our team’s happiness and high-quality work. So we’ve found the sweet spot between a fast-paced environment and a flexible work style. Of course, we expect you to be available to support client projects as needed. Our clients and Senior Project Managers are based in the U.S., and we expect availability during regular U.S. business hours. But you’ll have the flexibility to design a schedule that allows you to do your best work and drive results. We don’t mind, as long as you meet your commitments and deliver your tasks on time. **4. Stability You Can Count On** Most new companies have huge ambitions - and little to no revenue. If you've invested any time in an exciting new company that never really took off, you already know how frustrating that can be. You don't have to worry about that at Vision Tech Team because we're a mature company that's been around for over 9 years. We already have 45 team members, and our team is growing rapidly to meet demand. **5. Opportunity Unlike Any Other** Very rarely will you find an opportunity... * To work on the cutting edge of online marketing without years of experience * To emphasize your own learning so much * And to do it from your own home on your own schedule You can do it all at a company that's just the right size to give you meaningful responsibility while also providing enough stability. Will you take advantage of this opportunity?Here's What We Expect From You ============================== * You have at least one year of experience with online marketing * You have at least one year of experience with project management * You have above-average copywriting skills * You're passionate about learning and professional development * You're based in the U.S. and can work U.S. business hours This is a **full-time position**, and we expect your complete focus and dedication.