Senior Engineer (Remote, Full-time, Australian citizens only) $120-150K AUD + Super at BIRDI

Posted on: 11/06/2021

Location: (ON-SITE)

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Tags: jaeger opentracing k8s typescript redis postgres react kafka nodejs terraform

Stack: TypeScript, React, DeckGL, NodeJS, K8s (KOPS), Kafka, Elastic/Jaeger/OpenTracing, Redis, Terraform, Postgres, GDAL We are expanding our team working on a geospatial platform that helps clients capture, visualise, organise and analyse their real-world assets. Capture is generally contracted to drone pilots but ultimate we are source agnostic. Upcoming challenges look a bit like game dev (multiplayer network programming, heavy UI interaction, 3D) & logistics/gig economy (distribution and orchestration of capture at a larger scale than we're accustomed to). Dev team is low-key and welcoming team with a solid track record of delivery, small enough to feel fun, moving & growing enough to feel exciting.