Software Development Engineer at Amazon Print On Demand

Posted on: 07/15/2021

Location: San Luis Obispo, California ONSITE (ON-SITE)

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Tags: angular react

At Print-On-Demand, we enable authors around the world to publish their books on Amazon for free, in multiple formats, in just a few minutes. We make authors content available all around the world, and when a reader places an order we print and ship the book within 48 hours. Print-On-Demand has changed the world of publishing, where previously authors needed a large contract to get their book printed, Amazon makes this available to anyone. Our technology is driving a change in the supply-chain economics of Amazon and other make-on-demand products are following suit. Spikes in demand for books never result in lost sales, since we can print any order we receive at any time. We work with a wide range of tech, with partners all over the world. Interested in large throughput micro-services? High traffic react and angular websites? PDF processing including optical character recognition, image generation, automated quality assurance? Royalty processing, aggregation, reporting, and payments? Order planning, routing, and optimization? We do it all, so in this role you have the opportunity to go deep in areas you are interested in while getting wide technical experience. We work out of a small office, where Print-On-Demand was originally built as a start up, in sunny central California.