Software Engineer, Data Architect at Ledger Investing

Posted on: 05/04/2022

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Tags: django jupyter lambda flask etl serverless github jira ledger postgres terraform docker aws kubernetes python pandas

We’re looking for a highly motivated engineer with the ability to lead the planning and execution of our data and analytics infrastructure at Ledger. Reliably transferring data into Ledger and making it easily accessible in a standardized way is absolutely critical to our mission at Ledger. We’re setting a new standard for real-time transparency in the insurance industry by making data available to investors daily rather than six months later. At Ledger, you will: ==================== * Architect and build the data and analytics infrastructure that powers thousands of insurance programs and $100+ billion in gross premiums * Have a direct influence on user experience by building and maintaining APIs that power our user-facing applications * Democratize access to data within Ledger so that teams are able to collaborate efficiently and combine data in new and creative ways * Write and maintain API documentation that is concise, easy to understand, and redefines the way developers think about insurance data * Directly influence and introduce new engineering standards, tooling, and processes that help the team scale You will be effective if you have: ================================== * Highly proficient in Python or comparable language * Experience with Postgres or comparable database * Experience with data automation and ETL (Kubernetes, Terraform, and Airflow are a plus) * Experience with Docker * Experience with serverless technologies like Lambda or GCF * Experience with Flask/Django and building REST APIs or comparable frameworks * Thrive in a collaborative environment involving different stakeholders and subject matter experts Nice to have: ============= * DevOps, CI/CD experience * AWS or Google Cloud experience * Collaboration tool experience (like JIRA) * Data wrangling/cleaning experience (Pandas, Jupyter Notebook) * Various database admin experience Our hiring process: =================== * We will review your resume or LinkedIn/Work at startup profile and GitHub or live projects(s) if available * We will schedule an initial phone or video call for 30min max to discuss your experience and expectations * We will introduce you to talk to an engineer at Ledger * We will evaluate your skills with a small code project intended to take a maximum of 3h * We will have follow-on interviews with 1 or 2 members of Ledger * We make an offer Benefits: ========= * Generous Salary and possible Equity compensation * Work from anywhere - Fully remote * 401k * Healthcare Insurance premium participation * Gym membership * Quest 2 VR headset * $5000 paid by Ledger towards your dream desk setup!