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Posted on: 09/02/2021

Location: Remote (EU, USA) (ON-SITE)

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<> At Metaculus, our aim is to improve human decision-making and coordination at scale by increasing analytic capacity, reasoning, and judgment. With the unique capabilities of the Metaculus forecasting platform, our innovative programs, and our long-term partnerships, we enable a range of stakeholders and contributors to engage in a process of collective reasoning, forecasting, and ultimately, more informed action. Via this process, we are fostering a worldwide positive-sum collaboration network that develops and aggregates the most accurate forecasts on topics of global importance, a network that spans across nonprofits, government agencies, and institutions, to individual forecasters, researchers, students, and authors. As an organization, we strive to combine the best aspects of science culture and applied innovation culture, with a high-impact operational philosophy. We are now actively seeking a technology leader who will take the reins in developing the future of the Metaculus platform. - Senior Machine Learning Engineer - Natural Language Processing <> - Lead Developer: Metaculus Web Platform <>