Senior Developer in Devops at Optable

Posted on: 10/02/2021

Location: Montreal, QC, CA (ON-SITE)

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Tags: k8s eks typescript gcp react golang postgresql terraform docker aws kubernetes

Optable is building a decentralized data management and connectivity platform designed for the media and advertising industry. We operate private instances of our software on behalf of our customers. We use modern, secure multiparty computation and cryptographic techniques to allow matching of data while protecting privacy. As DevOps, you will be responsible for the architecture, performance, security, and reliability of our cloud infrastructure. You will work closely with the product development teams to build scalable applications that achieve our required throughput and latency SLOs. You will also be at the forefront of various challenging infrastructure projects such as - A multi-tenant platform that supports programmatic creation of isolated instances using k8s operators. - Porting from GCP to AWS with the long-term goal of becoming k8s native and cloud agnostic. - Scaling instances to 1M+ queries per second in production. Our tech stack - Golang for the backend services, APIs and jobs. - Typescript, React and Material UI for the GUI. - PostgreSQL as the main datastore. - Bigtable as a scalable storage for our bespoke Graph DB. - Kubernetes on GKE/EKS with terraform and docker for infrastructure. [](