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Posted on: 05/27/2022

Location: (REMOTE)

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[![](]( Account Manager ========================= This role is the main point of contact between the client and Krit. You will help close new deals brought in by the sales team, lead discovery sessions, run client meetings, and work to build strong relationships. This role is part sales, part product management, and all about relationships. Full-time · Remote Krit is a growing digital agency that partners with Cyber Security startups to design and build innovative new products. ======================================================================================================================== We typically work with 6-8 clients at any time on projects like: * Designing a web app to visualize the background noise of the internet and uncover the next wave of cyber attacks. * Creating software to help Fortune 500 companies visualize opportunities for attack within their networks and improve their security. * Building a dashboard used by security teams at city governments and utilities to detect abnormal web traffic. Our clients’ products have been used by brands like Dropbox, Lyft, Microsoft, Nike, Yale University, and more. Last year, we made ~$900,000 in revenue as a company and are on track to increase that this year. We’re a bootstrapped, transparent company and share our profits with our team. 🎉 **Note: This role is currently only open to employees based in the US who don’t require sponsorship.** We’re looking for a Technical Account Manager to manage and grow client accounts =================================================================================== This role is the main point of contact between the client and Krit. You will help close new deals brought in by the sales team, lead discovery sessions, run client meetings, and work to build strong relationships. This role is part sales, part product management, and all about relationships. Here’s a little more about what we’re looking for... **Excellent written and verbal communication skills**So much of your success in this role comes down to your ability to communicate. Whether it’s emails, Slack messages, reports, or in-person meetings you need to be able to reach people and get your point across effectively. **High emotional intelligence**At the end of the day, your success as an Account Manager will live or die based on your ability to build relationships. With the team and with clients. You need to be able to spot concerns even when they’re unspoken, and be comfortable addressing them. **Comfortable with healthy conflict**We believe sales and Account Management should be a consultative process. You’re helping the client steer the project, pointing out common pitfalls, offering advice or knowing where to go to get it. That means you need to be comfortable challenging clients directly and backing up our expertise as a firm. **Technical and business knowledge**We work on complicated, technical products and help our clients make big decisions on a regular basis. In order to advise them on the right path, you’ll need to have a solid base of technical and business knowledge, and be able to find answers quickly when you don’t know something. While you don’t need to know how to code, you should understand how modern web apps are built and deployed. You should also understand how a software founder balances user feedback, team skills, marketing plans, and financial constraints when making product decisions. What to expect as a Technical Account Manager at Krit ===================================================== An average day at Krit as an Account Manager can vary a good bit. You may start by working a proposal for a new client, then run a project check-in meeting with an existing client. You could jump into a call with a developer to discuss blockers and come up with a solution. Then spend some time organizing notes, before working to close a strategy session with a qualified lead. **Your responsibilities will include:** * Help close qualified leads * Conduct customer interviews, review analytics, and gather product insights * Review project plans and create proposals * Communicate with the client about progress and deadlines * Help clients to evaluate and prioritize new ideas * Communicate priorities to the Project Manager and work with them to manage scope changes * Gather and communicate critical information for the technical team * Identify and build relationships with key stakeholders * Negotiate renewals and grow existing accounts * Communicate invoice details to the accounting team each month * Advocate for the client experience **In this role, you** ***won’t*** **be responsible for:** * Lead generation or evaluating new prospects * Planning and overseeing sprints * Defining project processes **You’ll be a human, not a number**While we’re not perfect, we are passionate about creating a great place to work. We’re building a culture that’s respectful, kind, supportive, and challenging. You won’t just be a number here—you’ll have a measurable impact on the direction of the business. **You’ll be a part of an inclusive, transparent company**One of our goals is building a more diverse company. To us, this means diversity of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, age, ability, and national origin. We strongly believe in building an inclusive workplace where everyone feels safe and invited. We are also a fully transparent company. We share our finances, salaries, pipeline, and more. **You’ll be part of an engaged team**Every day at 4:15 pm EST we have a standing meeting where we check in and make sure we're staying on track. Once a month we have a team meeting where we look at project management, our finances, and the pipeline. Once a month you'll also have a one-to-one meeting with Austin (our Creative Director) where you'll look at your goals, progress, and be encouraged to give us feedback. All roles at Krit come with: ============================ **💸Competitive salary + profit sharing**Our salaries and raise process are completely transparent; you can see our [Compensation Model here]( Starting salary is based on years of relevant experience. All full-time team members also participate in our yearly profit-sharing program and receive yearly raises. **👩‍⚕️Benefits**We offer competitive healthcare plans, as well as dental and vision insurance and 401k matching up to 4% (starting in 2021). **🏖Vacation days**All Krit employees get 15 vacation days (effective immediately) as well as 10 company holidays. Sick days don’t count as vacation, if you’re sick don’t make it worse with work. **🌎Remote, United States**While we have a home base in Charleston, SC, most of our team is remote. For this role, we are only considering applicants who are eligible to work in the United States. **🕰Flexible hours**Everyone is different. As long as you can be available for team meetings and are able to communicate effectively with the team, work when you work best. We do expect you to average about 6 billable hours per day. **💻Equipment budget**Every new employee gets $2,500 to spend on equipment, so you can pick whatever works best for you. ☕️**Co-working/Coffee budget (Remote)**We want you to have the space you need to do your best work. We’ll give you up to $200 per month to put towards a co-working space. Or if you prefer going to a coffee shop a few times a week then we’ll cover the coffee tab. **👼Paid family leave**We offer a family leave plan of up to 4 weeks paid vacation and 4 weeks unpaid regardless of your gender.How to apply ============ First, submit an application. If we think you could bring something new to the team, we’ll schedule a short, 30-minute phone interview with Andrew. During this time, you’ll get to know each other and dive into your background. If the phone interview indicates you’re a good addition to the team, we’ll schedule a more in-depth interview with our leadership team. The in-depth interview will consist of 3 parts: 1. Questions - We’ll ask about your past experience and projects, as well as questions to demonstrate your technical knowledge. 2. Scoping session - We’ll present a fictional project with a timeline and budget. We’ll then have you lead a session to scope the initial work. 3. Proposal - we’ll send you a fictional client brief with a scope of work ahead of time and ask you to prepare and present a proposal. We’re looking to fill this position by August 1, although we’re flexible. During the process, we’ll do our best to let you know if it’s not going to be a good fit. Thank you for taking the time to read this far, and we can’t wait to meet you!