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Posted on: 06/02/2022

Location: New York City (NYC) (REMOTE)

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# **Old problem, new $10B+ market** Companies like AWS, Stripe, and Twilio have demonstrated that if a technology is not core to your value proposition, you should offload it. Still, every engineering team builds and rebuilds one piece: **authorization**, how you control who has access to what in your app. You’ve probably started with something quick 'n dirty – some IF statements and roles in a database...until you need to add more features, and more features. And inevitably you band-aid onto this system until you have to do a big refactor. Have you seen this before? We're changing this picture and in doing so, we are creating the next $10B+ dollar market: the authorization market. We’re on a mission to create the global standard for authorization. Our vision is that in 10 years engineers will spend 1/10 the time and brainpower they spend on authorization today. **Why now?** This is a once-in-a-career opportunity to join a company at a stage late enough that the problem and solution are de-risked, but early enough that you can shape the product, company, and the market. At Oso, we give the written word the same level of attention and respect as code, because we know that our audience — developers — values high quality writing. Every engineer on the team writes. And if you are an engineer that can write well, this role is for you – you will be celebrated, respected (and paid the same as the other engineers on the team). We are based in NYC and hiring folks remote or onsite. To apply, please visit: - Software Engineer: []( - Developer Experience Engineer: []( - Engineering Leader: []( - Product Leader: []( For more info, visit: <>