Senior DevOps Engineer at Ceros

Posted on: 06/01/2021

Location: New York, New York (REMOTE)

Crunchbase | Glassdoor: 3.0 / 5 | Original Source

Tags: lambda ecs cloudformation jenkins kubernetes aws terraform

Ceros is a 260+ person software product company that develops several products in the design space - the flagship being the Ceros Studio which is an enterprise software offering allowing big brands to develop experiential (interactive) content and publish it to the cloud. It's a fully featured interactive design studio built into the browser. We also support Markup (<>) to enable design feedback and Chartblocks (<>) allowing easy chart creation. We've been growing in spite of the pandemic and recently received a $100 million investment from Sumeru Equity Partners (<>...) The engineering team at Ceros has always been remote, but as of last summer, the entire company is remote first. We have a very collaborative culture, so we aim for everyone having overlap roughly between 10 am EST and 4 pm EST, but are generally flexible. We currently have DevOps in the US, Portugal, Brazil, Australia, and Canada. The wider engineering team has people in the UK, Kenya, Nigeria, Japan, and Brazil. The Devops team follows an agile/scrum process. We work together to define our sprints, manage our changes for minimal disruption, iterate on our process to prevent repeated mistakes, and conduct blameless post mortems. We plan stories ahead of time so that we can agree on the path forward, have intense code reviews to hold ourselves to high standards, and determine our own roadmap in conversation with the feature developers and executives. We maintain the overlap for ad-hoc synchronous collaboration, but try to keep the required meeting load pretty low - we have a daily standup at 10 am EST plus retro, planning, and change management meetings every two weeks at the end of one sprint and beginning of the next. The on call rotation includes the entire engineering team, and being woken up for emergencies is very rare (once a year or less). We're just beginning to migrate our codebase from Cloudformation to Terraform. We have a pretty mature Jenkins server and a reasonable CI pipeline set up that we'd like to improve, and we're pushing towards CD. We currently use ECS and a number of other AWS offerings, but are considering a migration to Kubernetes. All of our services are containerized or run on Lambda. We have a long roadmap and a lot of work to do, but we're pushing hard towards a fully automated, self service infrastructure that enables our feature developers to release on demand and that can remain stable in the face of all manner of disruptions. Benefits include Competitive salary, Stock options, Premium health insurance, 401K match, Paid parental leave, Unlimited vacation days, Wellness Fridays (Half Day Fridays), Excellent gear (Macbook pro, external monitor, etc.), Stipend for WFH set-up, Growth and learning opportunities (Access to O'Reilly's learning platform) and more. We're looking for two Senior DevOps Engineers to add to our current team of nine. These are both senior roles, so we're looking for 4 - 5 years of experience in Devops or SRE with, ideally, more in Software Engineering or System Administration prior to that. Full job description and application information: <>