Senior Software Engineer at Medusa - open-source Shopify alternative

Posted on: 06/01/2022

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Tags: node redis gatsby hyper postgres typescript

The last decade has seen hyper-growth in the digital commerce space, and selling online is no longer just about having a webshop. New technologies enable merchants to deliver much more sophisticated experiences, iterate much faster on new features, and leverage a large variety of sales channels (SoMe, Apps, ChatBots, etc.). Unfortunately, existing platforms with monolithic architectures are too rigid to support this new wave of commerce technologies. This is where Medusa comes in. Medusa is the open-source alternative to Shopify. With Medusa, you get a robust set of features supporting all conventional commerce operations. What sets us apart is our composable architecture allowing merchants to build out fantastic customer experiences using best-in-breed services and add custom functionality to fit the exact needs of their business without compromising on the scalability of the setup. We've just raised a large seed round and are looking for great people to join our growth journey. Tech stack: Node.js (TypeScript), Next.js, Gatsby, Postgres, Redis Thanks!