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Posted on: 07/01/2021

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Tags: javascript memcached ruby redis rails postgres react

Reforge is reinventing professional education. Our mission is to help people level-up in their careers, and meet like-minded people. read about our founder here: <> We're a team of about 50 and we raised a Series A from a16z earlier this year. By end of year we'll likely be between 80-100. We were profitable in the Millions completely bootstrapped before taking that round: <> <> We have always been a remote-first environment, but do have an office in San Francisco. Half our team is in the Bay Area, the rest are across the US. Tech Stack: Ruby on Rails React, vanilla javascript, webpack Postgres, redis, memcached Our engineering team is 7 right now. We're looking for product-focused, full-stack engineers. Everyone we have right now is a generalist. All positions here: <>