DevOps Engineer - remote at DroneUp

Posted on: 07/02/2022

Location: (ON-SITE)

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Tags: gcp azure ios aws docker javascript android golang bash python terraform kubernetes react

DroneUp | Remote or Virginia Beach, VA, USA | Drones & Cloud DroneUp is building out a nationwide network of drone hubs to do all kinds of operations with drones. Want to get in on deliveries? We got you. Remote inspections? We do that too. Let's fly! I work with the pathfinding team at DroneUp and we're hiring [0] [1]. We work with terrain elevation data, custom and public airspace information on AirMap dashboards and from the FAA. The software integrates with custom software built on open source QGroundControl to automatically build a route around terrain, buildings, airspace restrictions, etc. The software runs on a Linux laptop or Android tablet. The current software stack works primarily with C++, with some components also utilizing Qt, QML, Python, Docker, and bash. There's also a bunch of other open positions on other teams and my manager asked me to poke about [2] [3]. If you're interested in devops, web or mobile applications, or building and integrating drone hardware then you should take a look at some of the other postings on our LinkedIn job board [4]! I'm aware that other teams might have need for javascript, golang, or Android & iOS developers. Our cloud stack currently includes AWS, Azure, and GCP and managed with Terraform and Kubernetes. We're also looking for Cloud Network Engineers, UAS Pilot Instructors, Drone Pilots, Product Owners, recruiters... we're looking to ramp up the company! My team is fully remote, and can hire from many countries. If you're remote, you might be asked to come to the office once or twice a year for some in-person collaboration. If you've got more questions about HR stuff then please ask the HR guy who posted the job boards -- I'm just an engineer at the company ;) [0]: Senior C++ Engineer: <> [1]: Algorithm Software Engineer: <> [2]: Senior React Native Engineer: <> [3]: Senior Golang Back-end Engineer: <> [4]: More DroneUp jobs: [\_C=10981144&geoId=92000000]( From: <>