Senior Scala Developer at Hivemind Technologies

Posted on: 11/02/2021

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Tags: akka scala spark jenkins aws elasticsearch kafka

As a Berlin based software consultancy, we are focussed on building state of the art scalable platforms using functional programming and DevOps paradigms. We believe writing software is an inherently creative craft which requires a nurturing, supportive and collaborative environment. We exist and strive to empower companies who conduct their business according to our values: fairly, ethically, sustainably, humanly. We don’t do fossil fuels, defense nor surveillance. We are a team of skilled Scala developers which like to write pure functional and clean Scala code. We are working mostly fullstack with little frontend but quite a bit of DevOps. Our stack includes a lot of OSS, including Jenkins, Spark, git, kafka, elasticsearch and libraries including zio, cats, circe, monix, fs2, akka streams, http4s and shapeless. We heavily make use of AWS and cloud computing. Our benefits - We work 100% remotely - Choice of equipment (Mac or Linux) - Cross-Functional teams - Paid Conference/workshop - Paid co-working - Regular on-sites - Flexible working arrangements (between 20 - 38h / week) - 30 days of paid vacation - We don’t do overtime Complete job description: <>