Sales Development Representative at Hometime

Posted on: 09/08/2021

Location: (REMOTE)

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**About the Role**This is an opportunity to get in at the ground floor of an exciting software focussed business that is operating in a booming industry. There is no better time than now! We have had great initial traction in the US through a range of different outbound and inbound sales initiatives. The US will be a key market for Hometime and we are looking to build a strong and ambitious team in the region. This role involves a number of key responsibilities with the focus on driving new user sign-ups and educating the community of STR hosts about our tool and the benefits that it can provide. This will primarily be done through video calls and participation in remote industry events. **Key expectations** * Become Hometime's most knowledgeable product expert * Excite, educate, and encourage users to make the switch to Hometime * Communicate with users to solve their problems and improve their working lives * Be the voice of our users, and evangelize internally for what they need * Influence our product and growth strategy to further delight our users * Continually iterate and improve the efficacy and efficiency of the team and the entire customer experience * Go above and beyond by creating bespoke moments of delight for our users **Preferred Qualifications and Characteristics:** * **Experience:** You have 2-4 years of experience in customer-facing roles. * **Communication:** You understand tricky topics, both in writing and in person. You communicate clearly and with precision. * **Attention to Detail:** You exercise astonishing attention for detail in everything that you do. * **Delight:** You go the extra mile for your customers, and constantly find new ways to delight them and find the right solution for their problem. * **Fast Learner:** You quickly learn new concepts, and you easily pick up new skills. * **Inquisitive:** You are curious about your customers, and want to understand their needs. * **Determination:** You love challenges and persist when problems become complex. * **Optimism:** You find ways to move forward from challenges stronger and happier. * **Efficient:** You move quickly and effectively, and always find ways to achieve more. * **Location:** West Coast, preferably - we are open to you joining us from anywhere in North America, but ideally would prefer someone that on a Pacific Time. **What is it like to work at Hometime:** * We empower people to do their best work * We believe a great business starts with great people and we leverage talent across the organization to drive our strategy, solve complex challenges and adapt to the market * We are a fantastic group of people who are genuinely a pleasure to work with * Incredible learning opportunities in building and scaling a high growth technology business * Our success depends on your success