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Posted on: 04/22/2021

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* Full-stack Laravel developer * Remote, USD 90.000 regardless of location * Laravel, Livewire, Elasticsearch, TailwindCSS, hotwired/Turbo * At least 3 hours overlap with CEST ### About the role Weโ€™ll be building Exclusive from scratch. The goal in this first period is to build high quality features as fast as possible. For that reason we want to keep the stack as simple as possible. No microservices, no API, no silos. A Majestic Monolith. We like to work with a small team of full stack developers, who can deliver functionality from A-Z. Developers who start with an idea, brainstorm strategies with colleagues, and love to deliver a complete consumer-grade end-product. ### About Exclusive Exclusive.com is a well-funded startup aiming to give people access to exclusive content from creators โ€” such as Artists, podcasters, athletes, influencers โ€” through a monthly subscription. The company is established in the Netherlands and operates completely remote. ### What weโ€™re looking for * Perfect English, both written and verbally * Full-time, long-term commitment * 6+ years of professional experience * Extensive experience working with Laravel, in larger-scale projects. * Experience with MySQL, ElasticSearch * Experience with Tailwind * Highly productive, conscientious and a kind and fun person to work with. * A manager of one. You set your own goals and deliver on them. * Entrepreneurial mindset * Write both frontend and backend code * At least 3 hours overlap with CET ### What we offer * USD 90.000 gross per year, regardless of location * Challenging project that might be used by millions of consumers worldwide * The freedom to get your work done whenever you want * Work alongside experienced startup CTO * Applicants from outside the Netherlands will be offered a contractor role. ### Interview process 2. Fill in the typeform attached 4. 20-minute interview with our CTO where you showcase some of your recent code 6. We'll invite you for a *paid* interview project lasting no longer than one week. Salary or Compensation ====================== $90,000 โ€” $90,000/year Location ======== ๐ŸŒ Worldwide