Senior Data Engineer at Didomi

Posted on: 11/26/2021

Location: (REMOTE)

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Tags: spark s3 kafka aws

****What you will do**** * Leveraging your experience in building and maintaining complex data pipelines, you will drive the development of our analytics platform currently built on AWS Firehose/Kafka, S3, Athena, and Airflow / EMR / PySpark / TimescaleDB. * We are looking for someone who is eager to: * Collaborate with other developers to ship new features * Be in charge of the overall architecture of data pipelines * Ensure that we have the right tests and structure in place to make sure that we can move quickly without breaking everything * Share his/her knowledge of data engineering principles and best practices with the team * Keep learning new technologies and be on the look-out for new ideas that we should try out ****What we are looking for**** * A Spark expert * Experience with complex data pipelines and orchestration in the Cloud * Quality-oriented mindset: testing, code reviews, code quality, etc. * Awareness of performance considerations * A passion for simple, maintainable and readable code that balances pragmatism and performance