Founding Data Engineer at Quadrant Health

Posted on: 05/12/2022

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Tags: etl php pandas python aws numpy tensorflow

* Build high-performance health care data processing pipelines on AWS leveraging Python data science frameworks, including Tensorflow, NumPy, Pandas * Design and develop an ETL process for data formatted in various academic and industry standards (FHIR, OMOP, C-CDA, HL7 V2, JSON, etc) * Develop the standards, automated procedures, and documentation for database and ETL design, including management, monitoring, upgrades, quality control, and maintenance * Establish the strategy for optimized database performance, ETL jobs, and related scripts in coordination with AI model inference * Create and modify Web Services and REST APIs using Python / PHP * Contribute to the ongoing development and enhancement of internal databases * Implement system-to-system communication using various protocols * Conduct peer code reviews * Create documentation