Senior Full Stack Developer at Grand Parade

Posted on: 10/13/2021

Location: Kraków (ON-SITE)

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Tags: coverage babel typescript nosql javascript react aws terraform

**We bet we can be a great match** Do you want cool projects focused on online sports betting and gaming? Would you like to work on highly reliable systems with low latency, much like the transactional systems of the best financial institutions, but with fun included? Would you like to work with some of the best Developers, QAs, DevOps Engineers and Project Managers in Krakow? **About us** Working with us, you’ll be at the heart of the technological revolution of one of the world’s most trusted betting and gaming companies. We deal with projects ranging from widgets, desktop or mobile casinos and betting sites. Just to name a few, we process 500 online Sportsbook bets per second each Saturday, which’s the same as orders processed by Amazon UK on its busiest day of the year. We deal with more than 20 million users and 160 terabytes of data daily. Impressed? You can be sure there are many more challenges waiting for you. **Your role in the team** • Collaborating with experienced designers to implement user-facing features in company’s products • Supporting diverse clients from high powered desktop to tablets and mobile phones • Optimization of cross-browser web applications • Delivering end-to-end incremental enhancement from backend to frontend • Building efficient and reusable systems and abstraction • Developing prototypes • Working with microservice on the backend • Working on CI/CD • Keeping the high-level of test coverage in the team across multiple codebase (>95%) • Including security mindset as part of delivery • Working on integrating with external systems • Writing integration tests **Skills needed** * Experience in similar position * Self-reliant, communicative, accurate **Front end skills** * Very good knowledge of and experience with CSS3, HTML5 (SASS) * Good knowledge of JavaScript including TypeScript * Knowledge of and experience with React.JS * Experience with Responsive Web Design * Experience with high traffic projects * Attention to details **Back end skills** * Good knowledge of Java * Good knowledge of RDBMS and NoSQL databases * Experience with Micro service architecture * Experience with Terraform * Experience with AWS **Desirable** * Knowledge of SVG, Canvas, * Experience in visualizations and animations * Knowledge of Scrum methodology * Experience with Feature Toggles and A/B Tests * Experience with micro-frontends * Familiarity with Webpack, Babel * Familiarity with various microservice patterns * Familiarity with Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN)