Senior Cloud Native Architect (UK, USA, India) at HCL Technologies

Posted on: 06/06/2021

Location: (ON-SITE)

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Tags: eks openshift azure ecs gcp node kubernetes docker aws terraform python ansible

This is a highly visible global role based in **HCL Cloud Native Labs** where you will be responsible for leading the design and engineering of new products and solutions. This is a senior position and requires a mix of strong technical credibility, a ‘Cloud Native’ mindset and exceptional customer-facing skills. You will be working in the industry-leading Lab creating solutions that leverage the full spectrum of CNCF projects and the wider Cloud Native landscape. Whilst you will be a technical heavyweight and thought-leader, we will stretch you further and leverage our unbeatable industry partnerships to ensure you remain at the forefront of the industry. You are undoubtedly self-motivated and consider yourself to be a leader in your domain. **THE ROLE:** * Lead the design and engineering of new, next-generation solutions based on modern Cloud Native architectural principles. * Perform a leadership role, acting as Trusted Advisor, guiding and leading development teams, acting as strategic advisor to senior stakeholders. * Run Innovation projects to rapidly create new solutions based on Cloud Native technologies * Refactor existing solutions to adopt a Microservices-based architecture * Replatform solutions and migrate to Kubernetes-based platforms * Execute PoC, MVP and Application Transformation projects that target Cloud Native / Kubernetes-based environments. * Get deeply involved in the **hands-on development** of projects. * Driving thought-leadership within HCL, our clients and the industry at large through: + Contributing to R&D innovation activities within HCL + Producing white papers, reference architectures and best practice guides * Use modern software development and DevOps practices such as CI / CD, Agile, Scrum, XP and Domain Driven Design. * Advise on Cloud Native application development best practices, run client workshops and engage technical leaders in a strategic dialogue. **TECHNOLOGIES** * **CNCF projects**: everything! * Cloud Native Platform: Google Anthos, Red Hat OpenShift, VMWare Tanzu, Microsoft Stack, Microsoft Arc * Containerisation platform: Kubernetes, Docker, AKS, EKS/ECS, GKE * Public Cloud: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud **REQUIRED EXPERIENCE** * 10+ years of Java coding and/or technical application architecture. **Hands-on coding proficiency is mandatory for this role.** * Demonstrable proficiency in the design and creation of Cloud Native software solutions. * Domain Driven Design, Event Storming * Creation of solutions based on a Microservices architecture * Agile / Scrum / XP development methodologies **PREFERRED EXPERIENCE** * Track record in development of highly available, large-scale applications. * Experience with multiple programming languages, such as: Java, Python, Node.js and Go. * Configuration management and automation technologies (e.g. Terraform, Ansible). * Advanced Architectural, Engineering or DevOps Certification with one or more Public Cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP). * Extra curricula software development passion (e.g. active open source contributor). * Experience with Innovation-led approaches such as Pivotal Process or IBM Garage Model