Senior Rails Engineer at Themis

Posted on: 11/13/2021

Location: NYC (HQ) and/or Remote (Anywhere between Texas <=> Ukraine) (ON-SITE)

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Tags: fintech ruby rails react aws

Governance of fintech doesn't have to be an obstacle. New finance companies need tools which simplify governance on a daily basis to help them focus on their platform's core value. Our goal at Themis is to streamline recording and sharing of the information necessary for a company to demonstrate their governance is solid. The companies most in need of a tool like Themis include new disruptive companies in defi, crypto, and neobanks and established players community and larger banks. Effectively we're putting governance information on rails for companies who previously had to maintain large teams of employees to meet these strict requirements. We have seed funding and are in pilot testing with our first customers. Read about us at <> We're seeking a senior engineer to join the founding team to lead the engineering effort, provide guidance on architectural choices and deliver new functionality. We're also seeking junior engineers who are looking for rapid growth. We strongly believe in mentoring and helping team members grow to their career goals. Senior Rails Engineer <> Rails Engineer <> Tech: React/Ruby on Rails/AWS