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As a long-term python developer with basically no experience in compiled languages, I can tell you that Nim being a compiled language does not turn me off, and I really like the syntax. Being a compiled language would turn me off if it didn’t come with a lot of speed improvement, but the speed is drastically better than cPython. The reason why I will probably never give the language more than a moment of thought is because there is basically no ecosystem. The language has been around for longer than Rust and Go, yet it has basically 1 half-baked web framework. I didn’t see much in regards to any specific other niches either, besides meta-programming. I can tell you right now that if If I looked up “Nim web frameworks” or “Nim ORMs” and found a bunch of blog posts and libraries, I would be spending the next two months, solid, learning and using the language.

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Interesting, thanks for your thoughts.
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Thank you for your OP. This was the first time I decided to give Nim a serious look. I hope it succeeds to grow a sustainable community. I’ll be a part of that community for sure, but right now there is the OSS equivalent of market failure.