Flask Creator Armin Ronacher Interview (evrone.com)
Armin Ronacher has become a prolific contributor to the Python software ecosystem, having created such widely used projects as Flask and Jinja2. Over the last 10 years he had worked on various Open Source and commercial projects, and we were extremely excited to speak with him about his life and career! In this interview Armin talks about his work at Sentry, shares his thoughts on handling errors in the backend, speaks about the differences between Rust and Python, the "gradual typing" approach, and, of course, the secrets of his work-life balance. We had a great time speaking with Armin and learning more about his approach to life & writing code. At Evrone, we frequently use Flask framework to develop custom solutions for our clients. If you have cool ideas and love Python as much as we do — just reach out to us and let's create a new product together!
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