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I’m not here to argue, but, there are some approaches that make the process pretty painless, in my opinion. I wish they were somehow documented as the “standard practice”, but, of course, some would prefer other approaches. 1. Install Python from python.org. Do not use conda or brew. (I’m sure this will be controversial..) Insure this version of python is ‘in your path’, or use the full path to the python you just installed. 2. Always. Use. a. Vritualenv cd to your project, `python -m venv .venv`, then activate it with “source .venv/bin/activate” (slightly different on windows) 3. Immediately “pip install wheel” Once you have install “wheel”, you mostly don’t need to fuss with any of the compiler issues.. this solves a large majority of your issues. 4. Make sure your projects included a requirements.txt file, or equivalent. I know there are other ways to do this now, but I’m kind of old school there. I’ve tried the new fangled dependency approaches, didn’t like ‘em. YMMV