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3.8 months - that's a fresh baby! :) Ours just turned six months and decided to get up at 4 am today, as usual. Thanks for buying the book! Agreed on there not being much written on the topic -- and in general, most programming books I read seem to be either too basic, or else just contain high-level overviews of advanced topics. There must be a good reason this happens to books, but whatever it is, I'd like to address it by writing focused books on advanced topics. Anyway, thank you for the feedback! I questioned putting the section on New Relic in the book, and I'm sure you aren't alone in being put off by it, as it's literally the first thing in the book. In the future I'd like to at least add some comparisons with a similar third-party service (DataDog). And maybe someone will point me at a secure method of doing this kind of low-level tracing/performance monitoring in production that is self-hosted. I hope you do check out the indexing section. If you haven't done much indexing with your models, then there's some great stuff in the chapter.