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Hi all! I’m Adam, I’m originally from Greece, currently leaving in Australia, and about to go nomadic. I was first introduced to Python 2.5 in 2006-2007 when I was doing my Masters project as a good alternative to Matlab which was the defacto academic language/environment at the time. I fell deeply in love with its simplicity, readability, and its batteries-included approach. I’ve been using it near-daily since for my Masters in computational electromagnetics and thermodynamics, then my PHD in computational multiphysics, and after finishing my PHD in 2014 I moved to backend engineering in the private sector and have been using Python professionally since. I have a blog I’ve mostly neglected in the past 5yrs, apart from replying to comments and trying to help peeps, on medical image processing and other biomedical engineering endeavours under pyscience.wordpress.com While I was a Python absolutist I’ve been using Typescript and Dart for UI and exploring languages like Go for backend but Python remains my goto for most things.