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I'm very happy to see this update to his last environment post. I adopted pipenv and pipsi partially due to his advice. Since then, pipenv had lost a lot of community faith and pipsi is no longer maintained. I've started migrating to pipx recently, and long ago purged pipenv from my projects. I dropped back to simple pip and venv for most projects, and am starting to adopt poetry.
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Genuinely curious: has anyone had an experience where installing a library messed up the system python? I expect that my usage is pretty simple. My projects tend to depend on a handful of mainstream libraries. And I tend to rely on the more pedestrian features of python instead of the bleeding edge. So maybe it's just me but I struggle to imagine a case where my needs for development risk messing up the system python install.
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It happened to me some years ago with CentOS, where the OS package manager is (was?) written in Python. Suddenly, I couln't update anything and wasn't sure which python library was the one causing the problem. Never again.